Best Apps for Dog Lovers

      While there might be limited options for dog apps, you might have trouble finding the right one. On top of there being a few good ones, there is also the issue of restriction based on geographical location. The internet has, however, at the same time provided a way out: all you need to know is how to setup VPN on iPhone for free and you can bypass all the restrictions.

      Do you really need dog apps? As a matter of fact, you do! As a pet parent, surprises will be the order of the day. We are talking about the dog falling ill to training your dog on new tricks. You will need help with that, and this is where the dog apps come in.

      The following are the best dog apps you can come across globally.


      Did you just get a new pup and you want to make him learn a few tricks? This is the direction to look. This dog app has a track record of helping pet parents effectively train their dogs within a short period. More so, the beauty of this app is that it is free. And as you may well be aware, free things are the best.

      Download this app for all the dog training tips that you can think of.


      This is a substitute for iClicker. It is yet another dog training app that you will absolutely love. The app will engage you 24/7 and will be available any time you need it. The app mostly targets iPhone users.

      Pet First Aid

      It can be frustrating when your dog gets into an even minor accident if you do not know how to handle the situation. It is for this reason that the Pet First Aid app was developed. The app works with both Android and iOS operating systems. With this at your disposal, you will not have to freak out if your dog is unwell. The app has all the answers regarding first aid. The best part is that it also equips you with preventive measures that will go a long way in keeping your dog safe.


      As the name suggests, this is an app that will help you find friends for your dog. It is healthy for your dog to socialise from time to time and this app offers you the perfect opportunity. It allows you to plan dog dates with other users provided they are within a radius of 200 miles.

      The above dog apps are what you need to be the perfect pet parent. Be equipped with knowledge on how to care for your dog and great bonding ideas.