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    GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

    Dog gadgets

    So you love to make movies? What about your dog? Some of us are thinking that we are a very good filmmaker or photographers. Just let’s try it with our best buddies. Dogs can make you a great video shots while you are camping or walking down the street in the crowded city. Just imagine a montage of video from bird view with a drone, from human view perspective, and from the dog. It will definitely give your movie a nice vibe and new views.

    Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker

    This is your saver from anxious neighbors. When you are going out and your dog is staying at home you will definitely have an issue, because dogs like to bark. Some of them do it very loud. Pet Tunes will help you with that. This device plays calm music that’s scientifically-proven to help dogs stay calm. Also, you can add your own music or your voice record which may help to calm down your buddy while you are outside.