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Doge coinOur technology blog is about technologies related to our best friends dogs. You would say why Dogecoin is here and all this crap about cryptocurrencies? Well, this dog is super famous. That is why.

This is 21 century and our world is spinning so fast that one day you woke up and get a new message that someone is offering a meme coin with a dog face. The best thing that this joke is valuable and the price are going up. Technologies are going so fast, that majority of the world population still does not understand what it is cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs, blockchains and other fancy or crazy words.

We will not discuss here what it is, but I just want to tell you one thing. Technologies like cryptocurrencies will or already have a great power to our world economy and soon all people will feel it. I am not talking about the economic crisis, I am talking about our habits and living standards. More and more people are using crypto money like a regular FIAT (Euro, Dollar, etc. currencies) and this is so cool that mostly nobody is thinking where it goes. PRICE speculation is going to be insane. Different currencies with different features, just imagine your grandpas or even parents or even yourself that you are using a different kind of currencies in different shops. It is crazy. Mega projects are funded by cryptocurrency.