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    How To Stream Blocked Content

    Content blocking due to IP bans and geo-restriction isn’t anything new. An avid internet user would certainly know what type of content is blocked in its particular nation and why. The most common type of content facing blockages is porn and adult stuff. Yet, this is not the only reason to block a website. Governments can also prefer blocking stuff that offends the public or goes against the country’s religion, ethics, and security. At any instant, you may need any of such content that is blocked at your end. But don’t worry; there are various ways through which you can seamlessly stream blocked content in your location.


    Use A VPN

    Many people wonder what to do with a VPN as they think that it is only used to access dirty stuff. But this is not the case. A VPN helps you access all blocked content as far as the content owners do not ban VPNs. Whether you want to download any educational material not available in your country or to stream blocked online courses, a VPN will let you access the stuff. Likewise, for gamers, VPN helps them evade IP bans, change location and access games versions and updates early.

    Use Proxies

    Online proxies provide another alternative way to access and stream blocked content. Although, they are not as secure as VPN because proxies do not make you anonymous. Nonetheless, if it is difficult for you to download a VPN, or you want to temporarily access blocked content, they proxies certainly help. Like VPNs, proxies also mask your real IP address and allow you to select any other desired location as offered. Web proxies, hence, ditch the ISP and let you access blocked content. Nonetheless, they do not entirely hide your online presence from the bad actors surfing online and do not encrypt any data transferred between your computer and the server. Moreover, it can also leak your details to the website you visit.

    Use Anonymous Browsers

    No matter how good your regular Chrome, Firefox, or Opera is, these browsers do not keep you secure online. Though you can install VPN extensions to these browsers to stream blocked content, nonetheless, they would still leak your location and time zone. Secure browsers, like TOR, Comodo Dragon, and Epic, all come with built-in VPN features, allowing you to enjoy anonymous browsing. These browsers not only secure your online details but also never store your browsing history.